Financial Planning Step 1 – Make a Monthly Budget

This is the most critical step to understanding your financial position. It is key to all other discussions about saving, retirement, spending habits, and philanthropy. Sit down with a copy of your recent paystubs the past month and statements from all your checking and credit card accounts. Add up the cash that was deposited into … Continue reading Financial Planning Step 1 – Make a Monthly Budget


Finances – It is a big green world!

Lately I have been having conversations with my younger coworkers trying to figure out how to invest in their 401k accounts. During the conversation I realized how little we are informed about how to invest. It is one thing to have the discipline to save money away into your 401k, but it is an entirely … Continue reading Finances – It is a big green world!


There is no easy road in life.  We all face challenges that cause us to stumble in life, lose motivation, and despair.  Looking around we see the depravity of man and corruption of the world.  This sends us to an even lower emotional state of hopelessness.  The walls around seems to get taller everyday.  Where … Continue reading Tribulation

First Post

This week another catastrophic event has occurred. This single event is being covered nationwide by hundreds journalists and bloggers. Sadly some people are capitalizing on this horrible event to push their political ideals. However, I would like to challenge you to stop, breathe, and consider your own beliefs before throwing in with one argument or … Continue reading First Post