What are television shows teaching us?

Last night while watching one of my mindless comic superhero shows, "Supergirl", I realized how I'm being taught progressive ideas are okay even though they are contradictory to my Christian beliefs. It is amazing to me how a seemingly harmless show about Superman's cousin can be so dangerous for my christian values, but as I … Continue reading What are television shows teaching us?


Busy Christmas Elf or Rejoicing Mary?

This time of year always seems to be a blur.  The days separating Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer every year.  Oddly enough the days are always a month apart. Not sure how that works out, but it does! Retail makes it work out! Driving back from Thanksgiving weekend up at my Grandma's in the country, … Continue reading Busy Christmas Elf or Rejoicing Mary?


There is no easy road in life.  We all face challenges that cause us to stumble in life, lose motivation, and despair.  Looking around we see the depravity of man and corruption of the world.  This sends us to an even lower emotional state of hopelessness.  The walls around seems to get taller everyday.  Where … Continue reading Tribulation

First Post

This week another catastrophic event has occurred. This single event is being covered nationwide by hundreds journalists and bloggers. Sadly some people are capitalizing on this horrible event to push their political ideals. However, I would like to challenge you to stop, breathe, and consider your own beliefs before throwing in with one argument or … Continue reading First Post